Anaesthetic & Extravasation Injury Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

There are four major types of anaesthesia: general, spinal, regional, and local. There is also a related form of deep sedation called "conscious sedation."

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors provide legal representation to those who have suffered as result of anaesthetic and extravasation injury.

Anaesthetic should only be administered by a trained specialist. Poorly located or use of too much anaesthetic can cause a devastating injury. For example, anaesthesia complications can cause long-term coma and brain damage. Some victims have devastating reaction to anaesthesia and can enter into a persistent vegetative state.

Typical failures that arise are:

  • Failure to seek informed consent for anaesthesia
  • Failure to use the correct type of anaesthetic
  • Nerve Injury arising from negligently putting the needle directly into the nerve
  • Allergic reaction to local anaesthetic

Additionally and more commonly a patient can sustain tissue damage arising from extravasation of medication when the drug being infused into the body through an IV cannula escapes the vein and intrudes into the surrounding tissue. This can be a serious a debilitating condition which requires sometimes significant rehabilitation, particularly during cancer treatments and if necrosis occurs.

We are regularly requested to advise on such anaesthetic and extravasation claims.

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