Cosmetic Surgery Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

It is important to distinguish between the surgical (face-lifts, tummy tucks, implants) and non-surgical (dermal fillers, Botox). Surgery must be performed by a qualified doctor whereas the non-surgical is currently completely unregulated. Like BAAPS we feel that this is an unsatisfactory position that undermines the professionalism of the surgical sector.

We echo the Department of Health's concerns that they 'were surprised to discover non-surgical interventions, which can have major and irreversible adverse impacts on health and wellbeing, are almost entirely unregulated.'

While mistakes may occur following surgery, these are far more infrequent than those occurring in the unregulated non-surgical sector where almost two thirds of non surgical complications are irreversible.

Typical problems arising include:

  • Failed or poorly fitted/ measured breast implants
  • Poorly injected semi-permanent makeup
  • Complications arising from dermal fillers and Botox
  • Burns and skin injury arising from laser treatment including hair removal
  • Infection arising from piercings and tattooing

When such complications arise it is important that specialist advice is sought.

What perhaps not appreciated is that some of these treatments when provided to a person under 18, such as piercings and tattoos, can in fact also be illegal.

We are currently instructed on many (non PIP) breast implant cases and skin damage and scarring cases arising from non-surgical intervention. 

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