Noise Induced Hearing Loss: Armed Forces

A Freedom of Information request submitted in November 2013 and published in January 2014 showed that of the 156,200 UK Armed Forces service men and women, 4,160 were found to have damaged hearing with 560 of them directly being diagnosed with Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Service within the Armed Forces exposes you to far greater and far more frequent higher noise levels than the average worker, given the fact that you are far more exposed to explosives & gun fire. Furthermore, you do not even need to be sent to war to be exposed to noise given the frequent training sessions that take place on the ranges.

The high levels of noise exposure combined with the inability to fully protect your hearing, given the poor quality of the hearing protection or the fact that you simply do not have time to protect yourself within the heat of battle, all contributes to damage that can be linked to being caused in the workplace.

Personal Injury claims against the Armed Forces (Ministry of Defence) are not allowed for any service that has taken place between 1947 and 1987 because of the Crown Proceedings Act, however, if you have been exposed to noise in the Armed Forces after 1987, then Curtis Law Solicitors may be able to get you compensation. If your service falls in between both periods of time then please still get in touch as this does not mean you cannot make a claim.

If you feel that you may have had your hearing damaged by noise exposure by an employer then contact one of our Industrial Disease Team specialists on 01254 297130 and we will be able to have a discussion with you about the prospects of bringing a claim for your injuries.