Orthopaedic Surgery Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Although thousands of people are treated successfully for orthopaedic health problems each year, errors are unfortunately fairly common.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we provide expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors to those who have suffered as result of an Orthopaedic Surgery.

Orthopaedics refers to the bones, muscles and joints of the human body. A doctor specialising in orthopaedics will often handle patients that have suffered bone fractures or who need joint replacement or ligament reconstruction surgery.

Errors in orthopaedic treatment

The wide variety of conditions and injuries treated in the orthopaedic department probably contribute to these errors. When errors are made the impact on the patient can be significant as osteoarthritis may occur, which could otherwise have been avoided, or in severe cases amputation may be required of a limb.

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors have recovered damages for many clients in Orthopaedic Claims and are currently instructed in cases concerning:

  • Avascular necrosis arising from missed hand fractures
  • Delay in diagnosis of fracture causing malunion and the need for revision surgery or osteotomy
  • Failure to obtain full and informed consent to surgery
  • Nerve and tendon damage
  • Mismanaged post-operative infection
  • The fitting of incorrect sized prosthesis
  • Wrong site surgery

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