Corporate Finance

We can help when refinancing or buying a company or business

Corporate Finance Solicitors in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Applying for corporate finance can be a complex process, with even the most basic of business deals and transactions involving significant paperwork, research and legal assistance on both sides. If you are involved in a merger or acquisition, you will likely require assistance in sourcing funding from an experienced and reliable solicitor.

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How Do I Apply for Corporate Finance?

If you are refinancing or buying a company or a business and require funding from a financial institution, the lender will require security, such as secured charges over property, a debenture from your company or personal guarantees from the directors and certain procedures to be followed.

The team here at Curtis Law Solicitors have experience working on a whole host of corporate finance cases, so we are perfectly placed to advise on the process, including the terms of the security documentation and producing comprehensive board minutes.

What Corporate Finance Service Are on Offer?

Our team offers a commercially-focused and efficient service from your initial enquiry, right through to the completion of your case. Curtis Law Solicitors take great pride in having the foresight to identify problems quickly and the ability to design workable solutions for all of our clients.

Our solicitors can help with the negotiation and renegotiation of corporate banking facilities. As well as this, we are capable of undertaking a range of work including;

  •          Corporate and commercial transactional banking
  •          Real estate finance
  •          Asset-based lending
  •          Commercial mortgages
  •          Reorganisations
  •          Business loans
  •          Business sales and purchases
  •          Corporate overdrafts
  •          Personal guarantees

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