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Selling a business can be a lengthy and complex process, from finding a buyer, through the due diligence process and onto the transitional period. Let the team here at Curtis Law Solicitors take the pressure off your business during your business acquisition or sale. We have vast experience in dealing with management buy-ins and management buyouts of businesses of all sizes around the country.

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Management Buy-In vs Management Buyout?

A management buy-in is a corporate action, where an external management team acquires a company and replaces the existing management team.

A management buyout is similar to any other business acquisition with the key difference being that the purchasers of the company are the existing managers. Whether you are the existing management team buying your company or the current owner selling the business, we can advise on the procedures involved.

Selling a business to an existing employee can be an attractive option for both the buyer and seller, as the whole process is vastly accelerated. As well as benefiting from a significantly faster and simpler sale, the seller also gets peace of mind that their business is being passed onto a group they know and trust.

For the buyers, a management buy-in is the quickest and least risky way to step up into an ownership role. This allows individuals to fulfil their ambitions of taking ownership and being in full control whilst taking home a larger slice of the profits. The alternative is to start a business from scratch, which contains significantly more risks than buying into an already successful business.

How Can Curtis Law Assist in My Management Buy-in/Buyout?

We can assist with all aspects of the legal process acting either for the seller or the Management Buyout Team, including:

  • Drafting the initial Heads of Agreement
  • Project managing the deal
  • Negotiating with the other party’s solicitors and existing funders of the company
  • Liaising with Management Team’s funders
  • Drafting, negotiation and/or agreeing on the necessary documentation, including:
  • The Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • The Disclosure Letter
  • All facility and security documentation in connection with the funding
  • Charges or Security documentation over assets of Newco
  • Service Agreements for the MBO Team or sellers who are staying on
  • All additional documentation including Board Minutes and Shareholder Resolutions

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