Restrictive Covenants

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When purchasing a commercial property, you may come across properties which are affected by restrictive covenants. Without being fully informed on the covenant affecting your property, you could be entering into an agreement on a property that is not fit for your requirements.

When purchasing any commercial property, it is important that your lawyer provides you with all details of any restrictive covenants on the property and that these fit with the expected use of the property.

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What Is A Restrictive Covenant?

Simply put, a restrictive covenant is a restriction on the use of land or property; restrictions can include not building any new structures on the land, and in some cases, properties are unable to be used for business purposes. The latter can be extremely problematic if you intend to purchase the property for your business to operate from, so ensuring your lawyer provides you with a full account of the building’s restrictive covenants is essential.

Gaining planning permission for any changes which are related to restrictive covenants do not override the covenant, so if you are purchasing a property, you must remove the restrictive covenant.

If you are looking to overcome a restrictive covenant on a property, a corporate solicitor can take the necessary steps required to potentially remove the restrictive covenant, but this can be a lengthy process in some cases. 

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