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At Curtis Law Solicitors, our specialist Employment Law Solicitors can provide legal representation, advice and help to any employees or employers concerned about disciplinary hearing and grievance handling.

Disciplinary hearing and grievance handling can be a major concern for both employees and employers, for this matter correct procedures must be in place to ensure they are implemented properly.

When it comes to disciplinary hearings we offer advice to both Employees and Employers. For the Employee, we can guide you through every step of the process – from what a disciplinary hearing is, to how to prepare for a hearing and what you are entitled too.

For the Employer, we advise on your legal obligations and the best practice disciplinary/dismissal procedures. No matter what side of the disciplinary you are on, our expert Employment Law Solicitors ensure that you are fully informed and guided throughout the process.

ACAS Code of Practice

Employers who don't have a disciplinary and grievance procedure run the risk of ending up in front of employment tribunals if they don't handle their employees within specific guidelines, and for this reason businesses must follow the ACAS Code of Practice when drafting their procedures. At Curtis Law Solicitors we alleviate this stress by discussing the matter with you and drafting a disciplinary and grievance procedure that fits with your business needs.

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