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Equal Pay Disputes often occurs when two people who work in the same position are paid differently for the same work. At Curtis Law Solicitors, our specialist Employment Law Solicitors can provide legal representation and advice to any employees concerned about equal pay.

Unequal pay can take place for reasons of gender or age or under other protected characteristics. The vast majority of equal pay claims have been brought in the public sector and this issue has proved tremendously expensive for public authorities in recent years.

Private sector employers, by contrast, have faced very few claims. However this may be set to change given recent cases currently going through the Employment Tribunal.

Added to this is the fact that as from 1 October 2014 where an employment tribunal finds that an employer has discriminated on grounds of sex in contractual or non-contractual pay, they will have the power to order the employer to conduct a pay audit in cases where it considers there may be continuing or likely discrimination.

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