Wage Dispute Solicitors in Manchester, Lancashire & Blackburn

Pay Issues at work may include unlawful deductions of wages, a failure to pay national minimum wage or a deficit of a guaranteed bonus.

Dealing with such concerns can be highly frustrating and a great hindrance to any employee.

Which is why at Curtis Law Solicitors, our specialist Employment Law Solicitors can provide legal representation and advice to any employees concerned about pay issues at work.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we work hard to eradicate any pay issues that you may face as an employee by using our diplomatic negotiating approach to ensure pay issues are resolved efficiently and appropriately.

We also deal with Holiday Pay Issues

The Working Time Regulations 1998, state that all workers should be paid Holiday Pay when taking Holiday absence that represents what they would usually earn. A failure to do so is a breach of these regulations and a violation of the employer’s rights. Our Employment Law Solicitors  deal with any issues regarding the non-payment of holiday entitlement or annual leave and the issues that may arise surrounding Holiday pay.

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