Whistle-Blower Protection Solicitors in Manchester, Lancashire & Blackburn

If you believe there are any kind of criminal offences taking place at work, your employment rights are protected if you chose to bring the information to light.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our specialist Employment Law Solicitors provide legal representation to those who have suffered due to blowing the whistle at work.

We also provide employees legal advice and support prior to whistle blowing.

If you are dismissed or suffered abuse because you released the information (or blew the whistle), you can make a claim in an employment tribunal. Your rights are protected in this way to encourage you to speak out against wrong doing and malpractice such as improper or negligent behaviour.

Contact Curtis Law Solicitors so we can offer an initial no obligation consultation (either via telephone or face to face) and offer you a fixed fee price.

Whistle-blowing cases can often be complex and complicated and it is therefore essential that you get advice at the earliest opportunity - even before the event.

Under The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) the law aims to defend those who believe they have suffered a detriment for reporting or raising a wrong-doing.

The reported issue must be specific such as an Illegality, a criminal offence, a breach of health and safety or anything that will effect public interest.

Here at Curtis Law it is our primary aim to fight injustice and this is even more apparent when representing clients who have been dismissed or penalised for making the brave decision to blow the whistle and stand up for what is right.

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