Travel and Holiday Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Was your holiday ruined? 

In 2013 UK residents made 56 million outbound trips from the UK. Outgoing tourist expenditure was a staggering £34 Billion.

When abroad it can be particularly distressing being involved in an accident and may also ruin the remainder of your trip, you are therefore able to not only claim for your injuries, but also for the loss of enjoyment of the remainder of your trip. There may also be costly expenses involved for any treatment or emergency travel. You may be worried about making a claim thinking that it will be stressful or complicated. At Curtis Law Solicitors we strive to ensure that your claim is stress free and is dealt with minimal complications.


At Curtis Law our cross department team advise on the variety issues that can arise during travel including;

  • Flight Delays and Lost Baggage Claims
  • Accidents travelling to and from your destination
  • Road Traffic Accidents 
  • Accidents and illnesses in and around your Hotel
  • Contract and Insurance Claims 

Our experienced team have represented the UK residents in many claims in many international and tourist destinations, including Europe, the Middle East, Far East and the Americas. 

Injury claims successfully pursued have included fatal accidents and road traffic claims in the USA; claims against Hotels in various parts of Europe and claims arising from accidents during the course of travel to and from hotels. 

Additionally our winter sports specialists can deal with any array of injuries and problems arising during winter sports holidays including medical fees, injuries and loss of equipment.

To be able to make a claim you will have to document the matter thoroughly along with any treatment you may have received, travel or involvement from any authorities. The more information and documentation you have at the outset of your claim the easier it will be to deal with the same and will also help you to recall the events surrounding the accident. 

Conditional Fee/Damages Based Agreements

We undertake risk assessments on all such matters and aim to complete the same within 24 hours of receipt of instructions on straightforward matters, or 72 hours of receipt of substantial papers, if applicable. The length of time taken on the risk assessment will vary according to the instructions and papers but we would expect to spend in the region of 30 minutes on straightforward matters. A more accurate timeframe can be given on a  case by case basis if required. We do not charge for the initial risk assessment.

If a matter is accepted it would, as a rule of thumb, be subject to a 25% Success Fee and After the Event Insurance (ATE) Premium deduction. The level of Success Fee and ATE Premium will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the case and the exact Success Fee as a percentage of damages and ATE Premium will be confirmed to you before you sign any retainer with us.

Under the terms of a Conditional Fee/Damages Based Agreement, you would ordinarily only have to pay the Success Fee and ATE Premium yourself. If however, you breach the agreement you would then become responsible for our full costs.

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