24 May 2017

Transgender Discrimination In The Workplace.

On 1st October 2010, the UK took a huge step in the right direction for the LGBT community; the Equality Act came into force with the aim of protecting individuals from unfair treatment.

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19 May 2017

What difficulties are faced when running a Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim??

A Noise Induced Hearing Loss claim is complex in nature. Many Claimants wonder what these claims entail?

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16 May 2017

The Right to Choose?

Following the recent press reports about the Shrewsbury Baby Deaths Scandal it would have been hoped that perhaps that was as bad as it could get for the NHS...

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15 May 2017

Late payments hit small businesses hard.

The polling company YouGov has released figures recently showing that small businesses are being hit hard by late payments from suppliers.

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