03 August 2020

Settlement Agreements – why am I being asked to sign one?

Settlement Agreements formerly known as Compromise Agreements are widely used legal contracts made between an employee and employer, generally towards the end of the employee’s employment. Both partie...

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13 July 2020

Lasting Power of Attorney – Make it your choice

Most people are aware of the need to make and maintain their Will, especially given the current COVID 19 pandemic, however not many are aware of or consider the need to protect their finances, health ...

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11 March 2020

Are menstrual cups dangerous?

Are menstrual cups dangerous?   It has been reported that menstrual cups could be causing many women pelvic organ prolapse because of how the cup is removed.   The cups are usually made of rubber or ...

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06 March 2020

Things To Consider In Your First Year of Trading

You’ll often hear people inside of, and outside of business stating that ‘the first year of trading is always the hardest’, and they’re not far wrong. With many fledgling companies not turning a profi...

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