Wills and Probate Solicitors in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

A will is a legal document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your money, possessions and property after your death. This saves unnecessary distress for your family at an already difficult time. 

Most people believe making a will is only something you do when you get older. However anyone with property, financial assets or young children are encourage to make a will to ensure that your estate is distributed as per your wishes. 

Without a will your assets will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy, which means the Government will distribute your assets following strict guidelines. 

We offer FREE initial advice and our services are offered on a fixed fee rate. 


Our Services

Our services include:- 

  1. Obtaining probate or Letters of Administration
  2. Establishing the assets and any liabilities
  3. Gathering in the assets and settling any liabilities
  4. Establishing who the beneficiaries are under either the Will or intestacy rules
  5. Distribute the proceeds of the estate
  6. Liaising with HMRC for payment of any inheritance tax due

You can pick and choose the level of involvement we have and unbundle our services if you require.


The Team

Our highly experienced team is led by Melanie Potts, Senior Associate (Solicitor). 

The Team are also able to draw on the  experience of Andrew Bell and Tasleem Riaz, both of whom are Directors at the firm. Who bring with them in excess of 40 years' experience in the legal profession between them. 


Key Stages

The Probate process can take 9 - 12 months although this timeframe may be extended if there is a property or business to sell, or complex tax issues to resolve. We would always let you know if the timeframe was to change and explain the reason(s) why.

Although each Estate is unique the following key stages are generally followed:-

  1. Review of papers
  2. Contacting all relevant financial institutions
  3. Completing inheritance Tax forms 
  4. Completing all paper required for the Application to Court
  5. After the Grant of Probate has been obtained - considering and dealing with interim distributions 
  6. Placing the relevant adverts in the papers 
  7. Final distribution of the Estate


Fixed Fees

Basic Single Will                                                                                                          £150.00 + VAT

Basic Joint Wills (Mirror Wills)                                                                                       £225.00 + VAT

Lasting Power of Attorney (Property and Health)  £600.00 + VAT excl registration fee (currently £82 per document)                         £400.00 + VAT if only doing one (Property or health) but excluding registration fee (£82 per document)

Obtaining Grant of Probate / Letter of Administration         £750.00 + VAT excl probate registry fee currently £155  

Probate                                             1.5% of the net estate excluding disbursements (payable from the estate)

Our Fixed Fees include our time and VAT but do not include disbursements such as Court Fees/Registry Fees– any such disbursements would be agreed with you before they are incurred.

If for any reason there is a need to review the Fixed Fee we will advise of this and explain the reasons why, and provide a further fee quote for your consideration and agreement. Any such revised fee quote will be based on our hourly rates.

The VAT rate is currently 20%. If this rate changes during a matter we will advise you. 


Contact our Family Law Solicitors

Seeing a Family Law Solicitor at Curtis Law Solicitors can be beneficial to you both emotionally and financially, proving you peace of mind knowing that your estate will be divided correctly. 

Please call our Family Law Team on 0800 008 7450 or you can email us at Family@curtislaw.co.uk.