Housing Disrepair Injury

Nobody should have to accept substandard living conditions. 

As a tenant living in rented accommodation (whether you’re a social tenant living in either a housing association or council-owned property, or a private tenant with a private landlord), you have a legal right that the property in which you reside will be safe, and free from any issues of disrepair that could cause you or your family harm.

Under the Landlord Tenant Act 1985, your landlord is required to keep your home in a safe and habitable condition, and it is an implied term of your tenancy agreement, that your landlord will do so.

If you or a family members health has been adversely affected as a result of the disrepair, you will be able to claim for the pain and suffering this has caused you. 

The types of health issues that tenants regularly complain of in housing disrepair matters are as follows (not exhaustive): 

  • Breathing issues (e.g. exacerbated asthma, pneumonia or other respiratory infections) caused by the presence of damp and/or mould at the Property; 
  • Skin irritation caused by the presence of mould at the Property; and
  • Adverse impact on mental health caused by the stress and inconvenience associated with the disrepair.

If any of the above resonate with you, or you have any other ailments you feel have developed and/or worsened as a result of the disrepair at your Property, you may be entitled to bring a claim for personal injury.

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