What evidence do I require for a housing disrepair claim?

To bring a successful housing disrepair claim, you need to have evidence that you have reported the issues of disrepair to your landlord.

It is therefore important that you keep a record of the date you report the disrepair and retain copies of all correspondence you have with your landlord. 

Also, in order to assess the strength of any claim you may have against your landlord, we will require photographs of the areas of your property that you will say are in disrepair. 

If you wish to pursue a claim for damage to your personal property, you will need to provide proof you own the item, photographs of the damage, and any receipts covering the costs of any replacement.

If you wish to pursue a claim relating to any additional expenses you have incurred as a result of the disrepair at your property, you will again need to provide evidence in the form of receipts, and in relation to utilities, copies of the relevant bills for the period of 3 months prior to the appearance of the disrepair, to date. 

In relation to any claim for personal injury, you MUST have discussed these issues with your G.P. and we will require copies of your G.P. records in order to support any such claim.