Accident at Work Claims

All employees are entitled to be reasonably safe whilst at work. Suitable training, risk assessments and protective equipment should be in place. Every professional environment provides varying levels of hazard and it is the duty of every employer to safeguard and protect their employees. Although appropriate measures are taken, accidents can happen at any time and deciding whether to sue an employer is a huge decision for anyone to take.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our Personal Injury Solicitors will represent you if you have been involved in an accident whilst you were at work. We can provide expert advice and support on these often complex claims.

If you have been involved in an accident at work whether it was in an office, factory, warehouse or on a building site you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Our specialists can assist you on:

  • Dangerous/Defective machinery
  • Slips/Trips in the workplace
  • Injuries caused by heavy lifting 
  • Falls from ladders/scaffolds
  • Burns/Scalds
  • Crush injuries
  • Forklift injuries

You normally have three years from when your accident at work occurred and you must claim within this time frame.

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