Child Custody Solicitors in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

We understand following the breakdown of a marriage or relationship the issue of who the children will live with or spend time with can become problematic if not handled correctly.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we provide expert Family Law Solicitors to help represent those who require legal support and advice on matters concerning children during a divorce or a breakdown of a relationship.

Emotions are generally running high therefore reaching a fair agreement that works for both parents as quickly as possible, ideally without the involvement of the Court is our priority. 

Finding the right solution for your child 

At Curtis Law our solicitors are Resolution accredited which means we are committed to being non – confrontational and will strive to reach an amicable agreement for you where possible. Our solicitors have a wide range of experience in dealing with children issues including:

  • Obtaining emergency orders (Prohibited Steps Orders)
  • Child arrangements orders live and spend time with (formerly Residence and Contact)
  • Specific Issue applications e.g. when you wish to take your child on holiday but the other parent won’t agree 4. Child abduction cases
  • Change of name applications
  • Parental Responsibility Applications
  • Child Maintenance Agreements
  • Care proceedings

Each case is individual in its circumstances however the same principles are applied to ensure decisions in the best interests of the child are made and upheld.

If you have found yourself in difficulties seeing your child or having a say in their life, please do not hesitate to contact our Family Law Specialists to discuss the steps available to you.


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