Consultation Fees

  • Consultation advice + confirmation letter £300 inc VAT


  • Consultation advice, confirmation letter + letter to the other side £390 inc VAT

Divorce Fixed Fees (uncontested)

Petitioner - £840 inc VAT + Court Fee

  1. Completion of the petition, Nisi and Absolute application.
  2. Does not include work relating to finances, children, translating marriage certificates, tracing and or service of papers on Respondent

Respondent - £360 inc VAT

  1. Completion of acknowledgment of service up to and including Nisi and Absolute
  2. Does not include work relating to finances and or children.

Financial Matters in Divorce

By Consent/Agreement - £600 inc VAT + Court Fee

  1. Preparation of consent order based on instructions and drafting statement of information and disclaimer
  2. Does not include any negotiations or advice in relation to agreement reached

Court Application + First Hearing - Hourly Rates will apply (see below). An estimate will be provided having regard to financial disclosure

  1. Completion of application, Form E for exchange, questionnaire, chronology and statement of issues.
  2. Court attendance including preparation time, draft order, additional letters/calls

Matters involving Children

Court Application - £600 inc VAT

First Hearing - Hourly Rates will apply (see below). Estimated £600 to £900 inc VAT

Other Work

  • Change of Name Deed £120 + VAT
  • Parental Responsibility Agreement £300 + VAT
  • Preparation of Statutory Declaration or Officially required letter £120 + VAT