Claims Against Solicitors and Other Professionals in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

If you feel the service provided to by a professional adviser falls below the standard to be expected from a reasonably competent professional and that you have suffered financial loss as a result of their negligence you may be able to claim compensation from them.

Solicitors and other professionals have a duty to carry out their clients’ instructions with reasonable care and skill.

Our specialists can help you claim against:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Surveyors
  • Financial advisors
  • Insurance brokers
  • Architects


Claims Against Solicitors with Curtis Law

Here at Curtis Law Solicitors we have a specialist team working on cases against Solicitors arising from settled personal injury claims.

A potential claim against a solicitor may arise where:

  • Your case has been potentially under settled
  • Advice given falls below the standards of a competent adviser
  • Failing to properly consider medical and other key evidence
  • Failure to appreciate the injuries sustained
  • Making deductions from compensation without agreement
  • Failure to comply with court orders resulting in the claim being struck out.

We appreciate that appointing a new solicitor can be daunting, when you have been let down in the past. However you can rest assure that our dedicated team are experts in dealing with a wide variety of professional negligence cases.

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Conditional Fee/Damages Based Agreements

We undertake risk assessments on all such matters and aim to complete the same within 24 hours of receipt of instructions on straightforward matters, or 72 hours of receipt of substantial papers, if applicable. The length of time taken on the risk assessment will vary according to the instructions and papers but we would expect to spend in the region of 30 minutes on straightforward matters. A more accurate timeframe can be given on a  case by case basis if required. We do not charge for the initial risk assessment.

If a matter is accepted it would, as a rule of thumb, be subject to a 25% Success Fee and After the Event Insurance (ATE) Premium deduction. The level of Success Fee and ATE Premium will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the case and the exact Success Fee as a percentage of damages and ATE Premium will be confirmed to you before you sign any retainer with us.

Under the terms of a Conditional Fee/Damages Based Agreement, you would ordinarily only have to pay the Success Fee and ATE Premium yourself. If however, you breach the agreement you would then become responsible for our full costs.

Contact our Professional Negligence Solicitors

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