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At Curtis Law Solicitors, our expert Residential Property Solicitors are aware and familiar with Deed of Gift and the Transfer of Equity between family members and loved ones. But what is the difference?

A Deed of Gift or is a legal document that allows you to give property to another person as a gift, transferring ownership without a monetary exchange taking place.

Whereas a Transfer of Equity transaction is where the legal ownership of a property changes hands but the original owner remains on the title – for example a couple could transfer their property to sole ownership or another person could be added to the title.


Understanding the process

Most Deed of Gift transfers take place between family members and as such transferring the property must be executed as a Deed as no consideration is given in return for the gift.

With this in mind, the document is witnessed by disinterested parties who have no stake in the transfer of the property due to issues surrounding conflict of interests.

Giving a gift such as property can have several Inheritance Tax implications which we can further advise you on, such as if the donor lives for seven years or more after making the gift they will be exempt from paying this.


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