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A deed of easement is a signed legal document which grants the right to use another person’s land, for a specifically stated purpose. For example, an easement is a right to use land belonging to a third party in a particular way or to prevent the owner of that land from using it in a certain manner, such as a right of way.

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What Are The Benefits Of Deeds Of Easement?

Easement deeds give you the right to allow or restrict the use of any portion of your land. If you are looking to grant access, you can restrict the access to specific purposes and to specific individuals. This can be useful if you are looking to rent your land out for commercial purposes but want to protect your land from some aspects of how a business may operate.

Deeds of easement can be used for a whole host of purposes depending on the owner's wishes. For example, if you own the property or land, you can restrict land use for conservation purposes and even prevent commercial development if you wish.

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