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Marital agreements are fundamentally the rights of an individual before entering or currently in a marriage.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we provide expert Family Law Solicitors to help represent those who require a Marital Agreement - whether this is a Pre-Nuptial or Post - Nuptial.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Once thought of as agreements entered into by only the rich and famous, pre-nuptial agreements are on the rise in the UK. If you have any assets you wish to protect should your relationship breakdown, a pre-nuptial agreement properly executed can be used in the family courts who place significant weight and emphasis on such documents in matters of financial dispute during divorce proceedings.

When planning a wedding, pre-nuptial agreements are the least romantic notion however they are vital if you and your fiancé want to be clear on how assets and finances should be divided in the event of a marital breakdown – particularly with regards to assets accrued prior to the marriage.

Post-nuptial agreements

The main difference with a post-nuptial agreement is that it is entered into once the marriage has taken place.

A post-nuptial agreement can be particularly useful if there has been a change in circumstances or if, for example, there has been a previous separation between you and your spouse and you wish to avoid any further heartache should the relationship break down again.

Providing a pre or post nuptial agreement means both parties enter freely, with both parties having received independent legal advice (or having the opportunity to do so).  It is then understanding the document with full financial disclosure  before the document is signed. Any agreements will usually be considered by the Court.

Those who have had the misfortune of going through a divorce and have had to divide assets either equally or unequally, will understand the importance of marital agreements. They can be an ideal solution to securing and division of assets and reducing time and costs associated with a divorce.

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