GP Treatment, GP Delay and GP Misdiagnosis in Manchester, Blackburn & Lancashire

GPs are often the first point of call when someone is unwell or ill.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we provide expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors to those who have suffered negligence at the hands of their GP.

A GP has a duty to provide a good standard of practice and care to their patients and to take all steps to alleviate pain and distress whether or not a cure may be possible.

On most occasion GP’s provide the right treatment and care needed. However sometimes, the level of care received doesn't quite match up to your expectations. As a result, your health and wellbeing is suffered.

If you have experienced negligence from a GP you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Medical errors made by GPs

A historical position of trusting and advice GPs provide can mean there is a general reluctance to consider suing a GP even when the treatment they have provided has caused you injury. 

Doctors are providing a service to you, and when they cause you an injury, they are no different to any other insured person. As part of a Doctor's license to practice, an annual sum of membership insurance or indemnity is paid against any mistakes which may occur.

The type of errors that some GPs make include:

  • Failing to adequately examine a patient and properly consider their condition
  • Failing to make a home visit
  • Making wrong medical diagnoses and failing to correctly interpret test results
  • Failing to diagnose serious disease
  • Failing to refer to specialists properly or promptly enough
  • Failing to provide proper worsening advice
  • Issuing wrong prescriptions and inappropriate repeat prescriptions

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors are regularly instructed in matters including:

  • Misdiagnosis of cancers
  • Sepsis, pneumonia
  • Inappropriate provision of medication.

Such failures may have far reaching consequences that result in surgery or further treatment for the patient that could have easily been avoided had the GP provided an appropriate level of care.

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