Pressure Sore Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Pressure sores and ulcers are lesions or wounds which develop around prominent bony areas like the hips, lower back, tailbone, heels, back of the head and elbows. They often arise during a period of surgical recovery due to inactivity or immobility.

They are most often presented as bed sores, though can also often arise as plaster sores and diabetic ulcers.

Most can be avoided or significantly reduced in severity by attentive care.

As sores and ulcers progress, they are graded on severity. Grading begins at 1, the least severe, through to grade 4, which indicates a wound that has penetrated to the bone. When allowed to progress to this level bedsores rarely heal, and consequently have ramifications on the patient’s quality of life, which may be down to negligence on the part of the medical professional.

Failure to manage these sores and ulcers will often lead to infection and significant rehabilitation needs and costs, such as care and assistance in turning the patient. They can be particularly problematic when they occur in people who prior to the relevant treatment already have a serious disability.

In rare occasions sepsis may occur, causing more significant complication such as the need for amputation or even death.

We are currently instructed in claims of this nature arising from lack of nursing care post-surgery and also arising from neglect in nursing homes.

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