Child Accident Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Has your child been involved in an accident? 

Unfortunately many accidents a year involve children. Whether a child is a passenger in a vehicle, a cyclist or a pedestrian, any scenario where they had been injured is particularly upsetting.

Generally children are considered as completely innocent i.e. that they have in no way contributed to the accident or their injuries. So whether a child has suffered minor bumps, cuts or bruises/lifetime changes/serious injuries or ultimately a fatality, it is important to seek specialist advice.

There are various provisions and laws in place to ensure that children are protected and receive the treatment/care and compensation that they are entitled to. Here at Curtis Law Solicitors we shall guide you through this process so that you know that your child’s best interests are being catered for.


Protecting your child

As minors are under the age of 18 it does not stop a claim for personal injury or other losses being pursued. A parent/guardian/representative 18 years or older is able to run the claim on the child’s behalf to ensure that any immediate treatment or care is carried out. Also awards for personal injury and other losses are then invested in a special Court Trust Fund to accrue interest until the child reaches majority. The funds can then be accessed on the provision of photo ID when requested.

At Curtis Law Solicitors our specialists in accidents involving children will ensure that suitable compensation is recovered to ensure justice and peace of mind. Specialist advice is required in claims involving children as before a claim can be formally settled an informal Court Hearing is required to take place at your local Court. Curtis Law Solicitors will send an agent to accompany you to your local Court, wherever that may be in the Country to seek Court approval of any settlement, to safeguard the child’s interest.


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