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When a couple living in the UK have their Nikah ceremony performed, although they are Islamically married they are not legally married.

The rights therefore that are granted to married couples in the UK will not be granted to a couple who are only Islamically married.

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 Islamic Marriage Contracts and Divorce 

In order for the couple’s marriage to be legally recognised they will be required to undertake a civil ceremony by generally attending a registry.

On the other hand if parties enter an Islamic Marriage in a foreign country where the Nikah is legally recognised such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia then the marriage will be legally recognised in the UK.

In the event parties then separate despite any Talaq which may have been pronounced they will also be required to petition for an English divorce.

In the unfortunate circumstances that a marriage does breaks down, a husband is simply able to pronounce the Talaq. Assuming further conditions and criteria are met the parties will soon after be separated Islamically.

For a woman obtaining an Islamic Divorce is not as straight forward. It is the Islamic duty of every husband not to unreasonably withhold pronouncing the Talaq. For example when parties decide their marriage is over the husband should not allow himself to re-marry without first providing his wife with the Talaq.

Unfortunately these situations do arise due to which the Shariah Council can be utilised to obtain an Islamic Divorce.

Having obtained your instructions we will issue your application with the Shariah Council and guide you through the process until you obtain your Khula (divorce certificate).


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