Family Law Solicitors in Manchester, Blackburn & Lancashire

When a relationship breaks down this can have massive repercussions on you and your family both emotionally and financially.

Here at Curtis Law Solicitors our aim is to guide you through legal processes offering practical options and advice with a sympathetic and understanding ear.

Our Family Law Solicitors are accredited by Resolution, an organisation of lawyers and other professional in the UK committed to constructive and non-confrontational resolution of all family law matters. Members of Resolution are bound by a Code of Practice which sets out the principles of the non-confrontational approach to be taken.

Due to the emotive nature of divorce and family law proceedings, we always aim to achieve the desired outcome as amicably as possible all the way, while bearing in mind your best interests.

The issues dealt with by our Family Law Team are set out below. Please click on the links below for further information.

Costs vary from case to case and we are able to offer fixed fees or tailored price plans.

No matter what situation or circumstance has caused you to initiate proceedings, we possess all the necessary skills and knowledge for you to gain a satisfactory result.

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