Divorce Solicitors in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Divorce and dissolution proceedings can be a daunting step to take even in the most amicable of separations.

Our aim is to ensure the process runs as smoothly and stress free as possible for you, while achieving a resolution that has your best interests in mind.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, we provide expert Divorce Law Solicitors within our Family Law department in representing those wanting a divorce.

Our Solicitors are available to clients every step of the way. By providing correct advice and guidance you need when involved in this complex area of the law.

At Curtis Law Solicitors we understand divorce and dissolution proceedings can be a period of mixed emotions. Even more so when children are involved. Which is why our trusted Divorce Law Solicitors take extra care to work around your needs.

So, if you are unsure where to turn to, contact Curtis Law Solicitors today and we'll provide you with the right legal advice and sensitive support you need.

Guiding you through the process

At Curtis Law Solicitors we will clearly explain some of the important things you will need to consider in relation to your divorce proceedings such as the division of:

  • Family assets
  • Pensions and savings
  • Maintenance

As well as grounds for divorce such as:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Two years separation (with consent by both parties)
  • Five years separation

Once we have discussed your reasons for initiating divorce proceedings, our Solicitors will then talk you through the stages of the process, advising you at every point and listening to any concerns or queries you may have:

  • Preparation and filing of the divorce application (Petition)
  • Service and Acknowledgement of the petition
  • Applying for Decree Nisi or Conditional Order
  • Applying for Decree Absolute or Final Order

Contact our Family Law Solicitors

Our Family Law Solicitors will make the process as efficient and jargon free as possible so you reach the satisfactory divorce settlement you deserve.

Please call our Family Law Team on 0800 008 7450 or you can email us at Family@curtislaw.co.uk.