Everyone expects to receive good safe care on the NHS.  However, incidents do occasionally happen which are sometimes avoidable and sometimes not. Clinical and Medical negligence arises when the mistakes are avoidable. 

The standard test is whether the treatment provided was poorer than should have been expected from another reasonably competent clinician in the same field of medicine, for example surgery or nursing.

Unfortunately when medical mistakes do happen the results are often devastating. 

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our specialist solicitors are regularly instructed in all areas of clinical and medical negligence. 

The Clinical Negligence Department consists of Kenneth Lees (Head of Department, Solicitor), Kate Rushton (Solicitor) and Kalpna Patel (Litigation Executive). 

Our team of experts are made up of experienced and specialist medical lawyers.  If you have suffered unnecessarily following medical treatment, it’s vital that you seek legal advice.

All claims are different.  If you or a loved one need to make a claim for compensation against a doctor, nurse, dentist or other health care professional, we are here for you to offer a sympathetic ear and help you at a time when you need straightforward answers.

Most cases proceed on a No Win, No Fee basis and we will always seek to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

If you wish to discuss a potential clinical negligence claim with our specialist solicitors you can email us, use our online enquiry form, or call us for free on 0800 008 7450.