Fixed Fee ID1 Form Solicitor Verification Service in Blackburn

Curtis Law Solicitors offers an ID1 form solicitor verification service for a fixed fee of £60 inclusive of VAT.

If you need a local solicitor to assist you with an ID1 form, we can offer rapid face to face appointments at our offices at Belthorn House, Walker Road, Blackburn, BB1 2QE.

What is an ID1 form?

An ID1 form is a document that HM Land Registry requires certain individuals to complete to prove their identity to protect against fraud. This may be because a party to a transaction is not represented by a conveyancer, or because the title deeds have been lost of destroyed.

An ID1 form can be completed by appointment at an HM Land Registry office, or with a solicitor, notary, licensed conveyancer, barrister or chartered legal executive.

HM Land Registry requires the ID1 form to be completed by meeting with a solicitor in certain situations when any of the following applications are made:

· Transfers (whether or not for value)

· Transfers and deeds relating to the appointment or retirement of trustees

· Leases (whether or not for value) that are being registered

· Charges (mortgages) that are being registered

· Discharge of a charge (DS1)

· Release of a charge (DS3)

· Surrenders of leases

· Applications for first registration where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed and other applications for compulsory first registration

What documents are required to complete an ID1 form?

You will need to secure a copy of the ID1 form from the conveyancer who has asked you to complete it. Alternatively, you can obtain a copy of the ID1 form from the website. You should complete Section A of the ID1 form as far as you can before the meeting.

You will need to bring two colour passport photographs of yourself to the meeting. These should be no more than three months old.

You will need to bring original identification documents to the meeting. Ideally you will bring one of the following documents:

1. Current valid full passport;

2. Current UK, EU, Isle of Man or Channel Islands photocard driving license (not a provisional license); or

3. Current Biometric Residence Permit issued by the UK Home Office to a non-UK national resident in the UK.

If you are unable to provide any of the above documents, you will need to bring two of the following documents to the meeting:

1. Credit card bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo, an American Express or Diners Club card, or a debit or multi-function card bearing the Maestro or Visa logo which was issued in the United Kingdom and is supported by an account statement less than three months old (printed statement received by post not a downloaded copy);

2. Utility bill less than three months old (printed bill received by post not a downloaded copy);

3. Council tax bill for the current year;

4. Council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months;

5. Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended (printed bill received by post not a downloaded copy); or

6. Current firearm or shotgun certificate

The certifier will review your documents and complete Section B of the ID1 form. You will be given the original document to take away from the meeting. The certifier will retain a copy for their file. This is necessary so that the certifier can answer any questions that the conveyancer or HM Land Registry may raise when processing the application.

How long does a completed ID1 Form remain valid for?

A completed ID1 form remains valid for 3 months so you should carefully consider the timing of your meeting with a solicitor to avoid HM Land Registry rejecting the document.

What will the service cost?

We charge a fixed fee of £60 inclusive of VAT for this service.

This fee includes taking instructions from you, opening our file, meeting with you to complete the ID1 form and dealing with any follow up enquiries from the conveyancer or HM Land Registry.

We cannot provide any advice in relation to the transaction itself and we will not be able to witness your signature on any other documentation.

Next Steps

If you would like to make an appointment to complete an ID1 form you can contact us through our online enquiry form, free phone on 0800 008 7450, email