The increasing use of genetic tests, especially as part of antenatal examinations, has resulted in the ability to diagnose significant birth defects intrauterine. 

Failure to prepare patients for these injuries when they should have been diagnosed can be negligent.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors can provide legal representation to those who have suffered as a result of Genetic Diseases misdiagnosis and Mistreatment.

The alleged negligence may be based upon the failure to recommend an appropriate genetic test, the failure to administer the test correctly, the failure to interpret the test accurately, or the failure to advise the child’s parents of the test results. This may be particularly relevant where hereditary disease or illness could have been avoided.

How we can help

The mapping of the human genome was only completed in 2003, meaning that the field of genetic medicine is rapidly advancing, as is the understanding of many hereditary illnesses and diseases. Most often genetic claims arise in cases of wrongful birth and wrongful life actions. Many people are more predisposed to traumatic reaction to injury arising from genetic vulnerability.

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors have previously advised in respect of misdiagnosis and treatment of

  • Huntingtons’ disease
  • Stephens Johnson Syndrome
  • Kallman Syndrome claims.

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors are currently instructed in the following types of cases:

  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis arising from ignored maternal penicillin allergy
  • Non diagnosed cleft palate, heart murmur and bowel dysfunction in a neonate causing acquired brain injury
  • Non diagnosed Marfan’s Syndrome causing need for emergency surgical admission.

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These are highly unusual types of case and therefore specialist advice must always be obtained as the effect on the life is often devastating. Contact Curtis Law Solicitors today free on 0800 008 7450 or mobile friendly 0333 240 0340.