Medication Error Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Statistics now indicate that there may be as many as 40,000 prescription or medication errors made annually.

Many medication errors cause only minor short lasting effect, however others cause serious injury or even death.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our expert Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors provide legal representation to those who have suffered as result of medication or dispensing drug error .

Prescription error can arise from GP and Hospital prescriptions being produced incorrectly, though can also arise on being dispensed by Pharmacists or Chemists.

Particularly for children, the age and weight of the child and any family allergy to medication must be considered. Although this consideration is often overlooked.

Research findings

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors are one of the most experience departments in North West of England and are experts in this field.

A study undertaken by the General Medical Council in 2009 examined 6,048 unique prescription items for 1,777 patients. The research found that 1 in 20 prescription items contained either a prescribing or monitoring error, affecting 1 in 8 patients. Although the majority of errors were judged to be either of mild or moderate severity, 1 in 550 of all prescription items contained an error judged to be ‘severe’. Unfortunately prescription errors persist on a regular basis.

Our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors are currently instructed on many cases of prescription error including:

  • Major overdose of anti-epileptic medication in a child
  • Morphine overdose resulting in death of the patient
  • Opiate overdose resulting in dependency on medication
  • Failure to assess allergy to medication

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