Industrial Deafness Claims in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire

Noise Induced Hearing Loss or Industrial Deafness occurs when an individual has been exposed to prolonged or excessive levels of noise at work and where the employer has failed to provide adequate hearing protection.

Damages to the cells in the inner ear and can often be permanent and irreversible.

At Curtis Law Solicitors, our expert Industrial Disease Solicitors and Legal Executives provide representation to those who have suffered as a result of noise induced hearing loss or industrial deafness.

If you are suffering from a ringing, buzzing or tingling in the ear because of working in a noisy industry, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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Our specialist Industrial Disease Solicitors have a number of years of experience in successfully dealing with Industrial Disease claims by adopting a NO WIN – NO FEE agreement and obtaining maximum compensation for victims who have suffered.


The impact of Noise Induced Hearing Loss or Industrial Deafness 

Noise Induced Hearing Loss or Industrial Deafness can have a negative effect on your employment options, your standard of living and your social life. Without a thorough understanding of your ears and the delicate nature of them, it is easy for you to take your hearing for granted and fail to ensure they receive proper protection.

A terrible symptom of Noise Induced Hearing Loss is you may not even notice you are suffering from it as it is often a gradual process. For example, you could be finding it difficult to hear conversations with friends and family, the doorbell ringing, or others may complain that you have your TV on too loud. In this regard, many of our clients do not even realise that they have a hearing defect, however after undergoing one of our hearing assessments we have found that 80% of all clients are experiencing hearing loss of some form.

Our previous claimants have worked in industries such as engineering, construction, printing and agriculture.


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