Beauty Treatment Article

27 March 2018


When you book yourself in for a beauty treatment you expect the experience to be one that is relaxing and the result is that you leave the salon feeling happy. However this is not always the case. Things can and do go wrong which can have both a physical and psychological impact on an individual.

The beauty industry is one that has grown substantially over the years. However this is still largely unregulated and therefore the risks of things going wrong are increasingly present. Some common problems are:

• Burns due to waxing

• Burns due to laser treatment

• Scars as a result of the above

• Allergic reaction to treatments

• Nail treatments causing allergic reactions/infections

• Damages to eyes due to eyelash/eyebrow treatment

• Hair damage/allergic reactions to Dyes

When you attend for treatment you are owed a duty of care by the therapist to ensure that the treatment/procedure is carried out safely and correctly. Full information should be given about the procedure to include any side effects. If chemicals are being used patch tests should be carried out to ensure that there will be no issues and you are not sensitive to the products.

If you have visited a beauty salon and had some treatment which has caused injury during or after the treatment then you may be entitled to bring a claim against them. You need to make sure you also do the following:

• Attend for medical treatment straight away so that you receive the appropriate medical treatment.

• Keep hold of your receipt and/or details of the treatment

• Report the matter to the beauty salon so that a record can be made in the accident book

• Take a photo of your injury

• Keep a record of any losses incurred/receipts in relation to anything purchased to assist in your recovery

• Obtain legal advice

Curtis Law Solicitors can help you and advise you about whether you are entitled to bring a claim. So, if you have been injured due to any beauty treatment contact us today.