Nurse arrested on suspicion of murdering eight babies at Chester hospital

03 July 2018

In the 70th anniversary year of the NHS it seems as though it is suffering historical scandal after historical scandal.

The events at Countess of Chester Hospital reported today are deeply disturbing and undermine the generally fantastic job that the NHS does.

It saddens me to believe that a member of the neonatal team could be capable of such cruelty and have allowed the families to believe that a devastating set of natural circumstances have led to the loss of their new born child.

Whilst the criminal process must be allowed to take place, the heartache for the families involved can never be forgotten. At the end of the Criminal process there will inevitably be the Inquest process for the families to go through as well. I cannot believe the pain that these families are going through for something that quite simply should not have happened.

As a campaigner for patient safety sometimes it is impossible to believe what has happened.

Jerard A Knott