Loud Noise Injury - In Industrial Deafness Claims

23 November 2018


Noise Induced Hearing can occur as a result of excessive exposure to noise over a prolonged period. This has been the case for many people working in noisy employments, who were not provided with adequate protection.

How can I tell I was being exposed to dangerous noise levels?

  • Were you raising your voice level or shouting to communicate with someone?
  • Were you not able to hear another colleague who was around 1 meter away from you?
  • Was speech or sounds muffled or dull after you finished a noisy days’ work?
  • Did you or are you suffering from Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noises)?
  • Were you operating or surrounded by excessively noisy machinery such as, e.g. jack hammers / Kango drills, pneumatic air chisels etc.

How can noise damage my hearing?

  • Loud noise is collected by the ear from sound waves which travel down the ear towards the eardrum. If the sound is loud enough it can disrupt the delicate hearing system.
  • Loud noise passes through the middle ear and to the inner ear known as the cochlea. The tiny hair cells coating this fluid-filled chamber can be damaged as the loud sound reaches the cochlea.
  • Extreme brief sounds such as an explosion, can damage hair cells as well as continuous and/or repeated exposure to high levels of noise.
  • Once the hair cells are damaged, there is no treatment to bring them back!

What do I do, if I think I may also have been affected?

Contact our team of specialist disease Solicitors

We work on a no win no fee basis and for further information, contact our team of specialist solicitors at Curtis Law Solicitors to find out if you have suffered from hearing loss caused by noise. We will advise you so that you are compensated fairly for noise damage, it is only what you deserve!