What is CWI

11 December 2018

The idea was that insulation – often wool like or polystyrene balls- would be placed in the cavity wall to reduce heat loss, by preventing heat being transferred from the inside of the property to the outside. The filling of the cavity wall prevents heat loss through conduction.

The potential issues with CWI:-

Poorly or incorrectly installed CWI can lead to a number of potential problems, including but are not limited to

  • Damp
  • Mould growth
  • Inability to use rooms
  • Health problems
  • Damaged walls and decoration

These issues can arise for a number of reason but in essence either the CWI has been incorrectly and/or poorly fitted, or the property was not suited to its install in the first place.

What can I claim for? Below are a number of the “Heads of Loss” you can possibly claim for:-

  • The cost of the extraction of the CWI
  • The damage caused by the damp/condensation
  • The decorating/redecoration costs incurred
  • The impact on your health i.e. asthma

What do I do next? Feel free to contact one of our experts if you have had CWI installed and are experiencing any of the above problems.

If possible – locate the details of the installer and any guarantee certificate that you were given when the CWI was installed.

If the installer is no longer trading it is still possible to have the CWI removed via the relevant guarantee scheme.