Noise Induced Hearing Loss In Industrial Deafness Claims

04 July 2018

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is caused by damage done to the delicate hair cells inside ones ear due to excessive exposure to noise. These hair cells allow your auditory nerve and your brain to piece together in order to process sounds. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever and the condition is irreversible. The loss can happen suddenly, after a single incidence of loud noise exposure, or it can build up over a period of time. Even you do a little damage on several separate occasions, they add up until the effects are constantly noticeable and disruptive.

Signs of NIHL

For most people the damage is more gradual, you might not notice it right away: You need to seek medical attention if; Sounds have become distorted or muffled You can hear people, but due to the background noise you find it difficult to understand what they are saying. You have to turn the TV / Radio volume up more than others do in order to hear.

How to prevent NIHL

NIHL is a preventable type of hearing loss. However, once damage has occurred, it is irreversible. Understanding noise hazards, and protecting yourself in a loud work environment will avoid NIHL. Ensure that your employer has identified the noisy machines or processes. If so, is there a barrier between the noise source and you or is the noisy equipment in a noise enclosure. Is the machines regularly maintained to avoid extra noise? Are you using proper fitting hearing protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs? If you feel that your employer has been or is negligent and not adhering to the above you may have a claim for noise induced hearing loss.

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