Many have suffered abuse at the hands of others, we are here to help.

04 April 2018

Being open and admitting you have been the victim of sexual or physical abuse, either recent or historic, is not easy – but it can be the first step towards making a claim for compensation. Of late the issue has vanished from the popular media but that does not mean the issues have gone away – it never will and until all such issues are aired and in the open the matters will not go away.

Ordinarily such claims are brought against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority – a pubic body that administers a compensation scheme for innocent and blameless victims of crime that is funded by the Ministry of Justice. At the present time if you are subject to a criminal conviction then this could prohibit your ability to recover damages – however we are optimistic this position will change and those deserving of compensation will receive it.

On occasions if the abuse results from the failings of an organisation a Group Action can be considered, such as against a care home.

The sensitive nature of such claims can be daunting and most off putting – however here at Curtis Law Solicitors we listen to you, the blameless victim, at times and hours to suit you and we can arrange to meet you in locations in which you are most at ease, to discuss your claim in.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered sexual of physical abuse then please contact our dedicated team of Solicitors on 01254 297130 to assist and guide you through the testing and traumatic claims process.