Sexual abuse cannot be tolerated

19 September 2017

Being open and admitting you have been the victim of sexual or physical abuse, either recent or historic, is not easy – but it can be the first step towards making a claim for compensation.

Ordinarily such claims are brought against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority – a public body that administers a compensation scheme for innocent and blameless victims of crime that is funded by the Ministry of Justice.

At present the CICA are denying claims for abuse that involved children as young as 12 – on the grounds the child consented – this is clearly wrong – in principle and law - - the current stance is being opposed by leading charities. How can any form of blame be placed on an innocent victim? Here at Curtis Law Solicitors we oppose and will Appeal any such decisions against our clients. We feel strongly that innocent blameless victims should not be denied the compensation they deserve.

The level of compensation paid for sexual or physical abuse victims ranges from £1,000.00 - £44,000.00, using a tariff system – at present no consideration is given to case specific facts – a system we at Curtis Law Solicitors oppose – individuals subjected to sexual and/or physical abuse should not and cannot be treated collectively – each case must be looked at individually.

On occasions if the abuse results from the failings of an organisation a group action can be considered.

The issue of sexual and physical abuse has come to the forefront of late through television and other forms of media; it is no longer a taboo subject.

The sensitive nature of such claims can be daunting– however here at Curtis Law Solicitors we listen to you, at times and hours to suit you and we can arrange to meet you in locations in which you are most at ease, to discuss your claim.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered sexual of physical abuse then please contact our dedicated team of Solicitors at Curtis Law on 01254 297130 to guide you through the claims process.