Christmas party-goers urged to wear earplugs to protect hearing

24 December 2018

The Guardian has recently reported that the charity Action on Hearing Loss have warned people to take steps to minimise tinnitus and hearing loss occurring when attending pubs, bars, clubs and concerts this festive period. Festive hits being blasted through speakers could cause irreparable damage.

The charity advises that rather than totally blocking out the music wearing earplugs could reduce the noise to an acceptable level were no damage is occurring.

Noise damage occurs when the sound vibrations damage the hair cells in the cochlea. It is generally accepted that a safe level of noise exposure is 85 dB over an 8 hour period. In nightclubs the noise levels can reach between 110 – 120 dB meaning that a short term exposure of this level of noise over 15 minutes becomes dangerous.

Along with the party-goers employees working in these venues are also exposed to dangerous levels of noise. These employees would include bar workers, glass collectors, bouncers and stewards within concerts to name a few.

Employers should provide the employees with hearing protection and rotate them away from the noisy areas on a regular basis. If you have worked in this type of environment and have suffered hearing loss as a result you could be entitled to compensation.


Once a person notices their hearing loss it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible. A person only has a maximum of 3 years to bring a claim for hearing loss once it is noticed and they link it to an act of negligence.

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