What is a Road Traffic Accident and Can I Make a Claim?

08 May 2018

A brief insight into what a Road Traffic Accident is and whether you are eligible to make a claim.

In a situation where another driver was at fault, there may be a chance of claiming for compensation for the victim which can assist them in recovering from their injuries.

Road Traffic Accidents can leave victims within minor injuries such as bruises, through to more serious injuries such as trauma and spinal injuries.

Road traffic Accidents do not necessarily have to be in a car. You could be involved in a Road Traffic Accident if you were a cyclist, Motor cyclists, pedestrian or travelling on a bus. Some of the most common accidents occur with motorcycles. Motorcycles make up a quarter of all Road Traffic Accidents in the UK according to the UK Highways Agency.

It is important if you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident to obtain all the details from the relevant parties involved.

Sometimes, Road Traffic Accidents can be caused due to the poor surface of the road. If you can provide evidence that injury was caused by badly maintained road surfaces, you may be eligible to make a claim. These claims are directed at local councils who dispute liability so evidence such as photographs to support the claim are imperative.

Details which should be taken at the time of Accident

You should note the make, colour and registration of the other vehicle as well as taking down the name of the driver, address and insurance company.

Photographs of both vehicles are also very important as this can be used as evidence to support your potential claim.

You should also obtain details of potential witnesses who may have witnessed the Road Traffic Accident.

How to make a claim

A Road Traffic Accident could leave you with serious injuries which may lead to taking time off from work to help you recover. You may have also suffered with vehicle damage losses which we can assist with.

Should you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, sustained injuries and want to make a claim, it is a very simple procedure. Contact us on 01254 297130 or go on our website at www.curtislaw.co.uk and we will obtain your instructions with regards to the details of the Road Traffic Accident. We will then submit your claim to the third party insurers. This will then begin the process of making a claim for personal injury.

We at Curtis Law Solicitors take pride in providing an excellent service to all of our clients. We make an effort to maximise damages in every case that we work on, irrespective of whether the case is straight-forward or complex. We help injured people to obtain full and fair compensation that they deserve and recover any losses that they may have incurred.