02 October 2017

The colloquialism currently being used for the Volkswagen emissions scandal is Dieselgate, this seems appropriate given the evidence that has come to light since early 2015.

Our previous posts have chronicled the day to day activities that have resulted in the scandal coming to light. It is unfortunate that this has not come with a promise to provide restitution to consumers within the EU, as readers will be aware VW group has confirmed that it will compensate those effected in Northern America.

Mr Oliver Schmidt, former head of VW’s engineering team, admitted to participating in an attempted cover up after regulators raised the questions with regards to the emissions scandal.

There seems to be a clear path of evidence that has culminated in an admission of guilt from the chief engineer involved in engine design. One would be forgiven for thinking that VW would have to agree to compensate the affected at this stage. Unfortunately this is yet to be confirmed.

As a result of the laissez-faire attitude that is being shown by VW a Group Litigation has been convened by the courts to represent the interests of consumers that have been affected. The case is currently stalled and we are awaiting confirmation from the courts as to a date for a preliminary hearing.

We implore any members of the public that have been affected by VW to contact us and discuss your case. The book for registering your interests as a Claimant is currently open. However this will not remain open indefinitely.

The VW team is led by Andrew Bell, Partner. We are committed to obtaining suitable compensation for those affected by the scandal. Enquire about a VW emissions claim today.