The importance of having a Will

11 May 2018

Each and everyone one of us understands the need and importance of ensuring there is a valid Will in place however, according to the charity Will Aid an alarming number of people, 53% according to their last survey or people across the UK, do not actually have a Will in place.

Lack of a Will can result in various problems once a person dies and can and does end up in litigation often costing thousands. What then are the main reasons for ensuring you have a valid Will in place?

Should you die without a Will you have died intestate. In this scenario all your belongings will be distributed according the Intestacy Rules being an order laid down by law. Very often this may not reflect how you would have wanted your assets to be distributed.

On occasions this may mean some of your assets pass to estranged family members or former spouses often cutting out your current partners. Aside from this not being your desire it can also leave family members you would have given your belongings to upset and possibly facing a legal battle.

Finally making sure you have a valid and well drafted Will is just as important. The last thing anyone would want is to go to the effort or preparing a Will and then finding out it may not be relied upon since it was drafted or executed properly. Getting professional advice will ensure your Will reflects your wishes exactly as you want them.