Clean Break – Selling a Business

19 February 2019

When buying or selling a business, having an experienced corporate lawyer on your side can add significant value to the deal.

Whether you intend to retire or focus on a new venture, it is important to achieve a clean break.

If your business is owned by a limited company, you can sell the shares or the company’s assets. In a share sale the buyer acquires all the assets and the liabilities of the company.

If your business is not run as a limited company then you can sell the assets of the company including the goodwill, contracts, equipment and any intellectual property.

Your exit strategy will be personal and depend upon how much future involvement you want with the business. Each strategy comes with its own risks and issues which is why appointing the right advisor is to guide you and help you achieve your objectives is key.

The corporate team at Curtis Law can advise you upon all the aspects of buying and selling businesses. Please contact our acquisition lawyers in Manchester, Blackburn and Lancashire.