Fixed Fee Divorce

24 December 2018

With Brexit now just around the corner, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has any idea of what is actually happening, how much the separation is likely to be and each side demanding various terms and attempting to negotiate costs as well as the dreaded backstop.

Whilst divorces are by their very nature stressful they do not always have to be time consuming or costly for any of the parties involved. When one or both of the parties have decided that the marriage has broken down, it would be wise for the parties to speak, amicably to each other and see if an agreement can be reached as to who will be issuing the divorce, what grounds they will petitioning for divorce on and how the costs for the divorce will be met.

Whilst discussing the divorce, it would always be prudent to consider and discuss splitting any assets / liabilities you may have at that stage including making carefully considered arrangements for your children. The more you agree between yourselves the more likely you are not only to stick to the agreement but a very stressful situation can be made much easier for all concerned.

At Curtis Law, we approach every divorce in a non – confrontational manner and where possible will always look to reach agreements swiftly and amicably. All our services are further provided at agreed, low fixed fees with interest free payment plans to suit all budgets.