Women in Law

27 July 2018

The Law Society publishes statistics annually detailing the number of solicitors, the gender breakdown and the number of new entrants. The figures released last month show an interesting threshold has been crossed for the very first time!

  • There are now 139,624 solicitors across England and Wales. This is a 2.5% annual increase, and has been growing at a similar pace for the last decade.
  • There has been a 29% increase in the last decade, and the numbers have grown from 48,937 in 1987.

For the first time, there are now more female Solicitors than their male colleagues!

  •  Women now make up 50.1% of Solicitors.
  •  62% of new admissions in 2016/17 were women.

There are also increases in diversity.

  • Solicitors from Black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) groups now making up almost 17% of Solicitors.
  • Asian Solicitors continue to be the best represented BAME group, comprising 8.2% of Solicitors.

At Curtis Law we are big believers in equality and diversity. It is a significant development that women now outnumber men – looking back even just 10 or 20 years the picture was very different!

Bethany Wetherby-Green, part of our expert Debt Recovery Team based at Blackburn, comments: “In keeping with the national figures, we also have more female Solicitors than males. We also have a female Managing Director and a wealth of diversity, with colleagues at this Firm who can speak Urdu, Gujarati, Hindi and Punjabi.”

Whether you need to buy or sell your house, have suffered a personal injury, need to pursue unpaid commercial debts, are looking to purchase a business or need family law advice, we have female colleagues on hand with the expertise to assist. We can offer free initial advice and work to competitive fixed fees.

(We also have a large number of male solicitors who are able to assist across the full range of legal services too!) If you have any queries about how we can help you, please contact us by telephone on 01254 297130.