Don’t let unpaid invoices bring your business to its knees!

21 September 2017

Here at Curtis Law Solicitors we are frequently contacted by local businesses looking for assistance in pursuing unpaid debts. If left unchecked, these late or unpaid invoices have the potential to bring an SME business to its knees. We are able to offer expert advice and take quick effective action to recover your money.

According to some recent figures, late payments from suppliers stood at £266billion (YouGov) and an average of 15% of SME turnover was coming in as late payments in 2016.

Clearly this level of unpaid debt can have grave effects on a business. The figures go on to state that 10% of SMEs were owed over £100,000 in late or unsettled invoices.

Can your business afford this level of unpaid invoices? How would your cash-flow be affected? Would you be able to continue trading?

We are pleased to be able to offer a service to the local business community to deal with this issue. Whilst left unchecked, debt recovery can be a long, painstaking process and can have serious implications on a business’ finances and cash-flow. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Our dedicated team are committed to providing a cost effective debt recovery service, helping you focus on recovering your debts quickly and efficiently.

Our expert lawyers will guide you through the process, and maximise the recovery of your debt. We can assist in simple unpaid business-to-business invoices, as well pursuing non-payment by your customers or clients, or complex litigated debts. No matter the value of the debt, or the complexities involved, we have the skills and expertise to understand your business and provide the right strategy for you.

We offer:-

•Debt recovery for individuals and businesses

•County Court Judgments and litigated debts

•Cost effective fixed fee service – so you’re not paying any more than necessary

•Full support through a bespoke service tailored to your circumstances

•Plain and straightforward advice

•Clear timescales

For more information contact Iain Blundell in our Debt Recovery team on 01254 297130.